How Entrepreneurs Can Have a Spartan Mindset

    Humans instinctively know how to fight. If someone comes up to you and tries to punch you in the face, you’ll reflexively try to block or dodge the attack. People forget this. Society has dulled this instinct by coddling people and constantly lowering expectations. Related: Science Discovers Why Some People Are Motivated to Succeed While Others Aren’t The […]

    3 things millennial entrepreneurs should consider as they begin to create wealth

    Many young entrepreneurs these days spend years and years paying their professional dues, pulling themselves out of debt, and living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, studies have found that the majority of today’s college graduates don’t expect to pay off their student loans until their 40’s! Once that frugal time period is over, getting to the point in life […]

    Why Entrepreneurs Need To Move Away From FOMO

    The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’, mainly known by its acronym FOMO has become a much talked about behavioural phenomenon ever since social media has taken over our lives. The word itself became so popular that it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013! Until now, FOMO was a term that was applicable to […]

    From dentistry to repair jobs, entrepreneurs catch bitcoin bug

    At least a dozen companies, including some in past few weeks, have been registered in various parts of India with ‘bitcoin’ as part of their names while many more such applications are pending before the Registrar of Companies. Photo: Reuters New Delhi: It is not only investors who have caught the bitcoin bug lured by a […]

    Thai entrepreneurs fire up start-ups

    Priceza has compiled over 10 million products online to help users compare prices in seconds. (Photo by Ratchanee Sriwattanachai) Thailand’s start-up ecosystem of 2017 continues to grow, as more established companies begin to scale up in the wake of early funding rounds. Since 2012, the country has experienced a more than 2,000% increase in fully […]

    5 Mistakes That Young Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

    Young entrepreneurs always have high expectations when entering business ventures. They are motivated and eager to succeed, but success often does not come that quickly. The world of business is very competitive, so you have to follow certain strategies for success. Patience and discipline is the key, and these two virtues are often neglected. If […]

    Aural Pleasures, 2017 Edition: Podcasts For Health Entrepreneurs

    2017 was a year of transitions, marking the departure of several outstanding health podcasts, such as “Signal” and “Human Proof of Concept,” and the emergence of several others. I’ve broken the list into those where almost every episode seems relevant, and those worth listening to selectively. I’ve also called out a handful of individual “must-listen” […]

    Minority communities begin helping own entrepreneurs

    American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association The American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association is focused on helping Tamilians, who originate from the state of Tamil in India. Recent research led by Rutgers University has reaffirmed what many minority groups have been saying for years: There is discrimination in small business lending, and minorities lose out on opportunities. It’s the reason why […]

    The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Women, By Women Entrepreneurs

    Here’s a selection of companies led by visionary women who are using their businesses to build more people and planet-friendly products. PRIMALLY PURE Primally Pure, an all-natural, non-toxic skincare line founded by Bethany McDaniel, argues that nature is smarter than science. With her family running an organic livestock farm in Murrieta, California, aptly named Primal Pastures, […]

  • Women-led startup turns domestic abuse survivors into entrepreneurs

    Amonth ago Christine and her children were living in a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Now she lives in her own apartment and runs a business selling aromatherapy products on the side while working as an admin assistant. She credits that transition to a not-for-profit called FreeFrom, which helps women who have left abusive partners launch […]