This is What an Ideal Entrepreneur Would Look Like

    In my decade-long journey as an angel investor, first with Info Edge where we invested in several start-ups – duds, failures and rare successes and later my own,  Choosing the right start-up was as much about the idea as about the team. How does one choose, from the pool of innovative and disruptive ideas spearheaded […]

    From Farmers Markets to Big Business Success: How This Entrepreneur Built an Arts Empire

    When asked to imagine a company that’s achieved massive entrepreneurial success, most people envision Silicon Valley giants or tech-focused startups. But what about handmade tiles from Ann Arbor, Michigan? Entrepreneurial success isn’t just reserved for tech whizzes or business school standouts. Success also waits for passionate leaders dedicated to developing their craft. Nawal Motawi, the […]

    The Different Entrepreneur Types

    Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. By its very nature, Entrepreneurship is a game of chance. An individual places tremendous faith in a product or idea and starts on uncharted waters by investing his personal wealth, eventually supported by people who see mettle in the idea. The Entrepreneur then develops the idea further and hopes, […]

    Does Venture Capital Help You Become A Better Entrepreneur?

    Recently it seems like many entrepreneurs are simultaneously running funds and companies: Andy Dunn of Bonobos runs Red Swan Ventures, Bryan Johnson of BrainTree and Kernel runs OS Fund, Andrew Ng of Coursera and Landing.ai  is building AiFund, Naval Ravikant runs AngelList and invests in startups through the platform, even Jeff Bezos of Amazon has Bezos Expeditions. A lot of entrepreneurs swear that […]

    5 tools every entrepreneur needs to up their game

    If you are an entrepreneur, then time is your most valuable resource. Every single day, you are inundated with endless emails, phone-calls, and meetings. Taking control of yourself and your life can be nerve-wracking at times. Building a startup business is like figuring things out while getting many other things right as well. Entrepreneurs are […]

    Trump Delays International Entrepreneur Rule

    If you’re a foreign entrepreneur looking for a way into America, your path just got a lot harder. International Entrepreneur Rule Has Been Delayed That’s because the Trump Administration has stalled an Obama-era rule that would have made it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to live here while building their start ups.  The International Entrepreneur Rule was scheduled […]