This One Piece of Advice Shaped My Entire Career

    I’ve had excellent mentors and managers in my career from whom I’ve learned a tremendous amount, sometimes through advice and more often through observation. But work is not so separate from the rest of life as many people believe or wish it to be, so career advice, or at least the lessons that stick with […]

  • NEWS
    Google Wants You to Browse the Entire Web in VR Using Chrome for Android

    HIGHLIGHTS Google is testing two VR settings in Chrome for Android This enables Web browsing with Cardboard and Daydream headsets With Google’s implementation, you could browse the entire Web in VR Google is apparently working on bringing the virtual reality experience to Chrome. In the latest builds of Chrome beta and development channels for Android, […]

  • LIFE
    Google Search ‘Destinations’ Helps You Plan Entire Vacations on Mobile

    With smartphones around, it’s always easier to search for your next vacation and even plan one from the phone itself. Google’s new Destinations feature is aimed to make planning a complete vacation even easier on your smartphone. The new feature works right from the Google Search on the smartphone which will allow you to browse […]