Earth Day 2019: Google Doodle, theme, quotes, all you need to know

    The world celebrates Earth Day today and Google has introduced an interactive doodle that celebrates the uniqueness, diversity and wonder of a small fraction of life forms found on earth. On this day, various events are organised to demonstrate the support for environmental protection. World Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22 every year, […]

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    Life on Earth may have arisen from ponds, not oceans: Study

    Life on Earth may have arisen in ponds, not oceans: Study Contrary to the popular belief, recent study by MIT has proved that primitive ponds may have provided a suitable environment for brewing up Earth’s first life forms, rather than large oceans. Researchers report that shallow bodies of water, on the order of 10 centimetres […]

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    Without the Impact that Formed the Moon, We Might Not Have Life on Earth

    The Earth wasn’t formed containing the necessary chemicals for life to begin. One well-supported theory, called the “late veneer theory”, suggests that the volatile chemicals needed for life arrived long after the Earth formed, brought here by meteorites. But a new study challenges the late veneer theory. Evidence shows that the Moon was created when […]

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    Rooms uses marble and concrete to create Life On Earth furniture

    A marble table with a ball for a base and a collection of benches inspired by brutalist bus stops feature in this collection of furniture by Georgian design duo Rooms. Called Life On Earth, the collection consists of 12 handmade objects, made from a combination of natural stone and composite materials. According to Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, founders of Tbilisi-based Rooms, the […]

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    Weird Antarctic ice may explain how life endured on frozen Earth

    Millions of years ago, Earth was a frozen “snowball” Jason Edwards / Getty By Colin Barras How did complex life survive when the Earth turned into a giant snowball hundreds of million years ago? A bizarre region of “dirty” Antarctic ice, discovered a century ago by British explorer Captain Scott’s team, might hold clues. There is […]


    You probably wouldn’t think a subterranean a cave where light fears to tread is any place for things to spawn, but Belgian zoologist Gaetan Borognie has been to this literal Upside Down. According to Motherboard, Borognie dared to venture 12,000 feet beneath the surface back in 2009 to search for a creature that could possibly tell […]

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    These rocks contain the oldest evidence of life on Earth

    The stunning fossil find, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, indicates that life on actual earth existed up to about 580 million years earlier than previously thought. Do not ignore these pictures – 16,000,000 lives are at risk if we do And it could also have implications for the search for life on Mars, […]

    10 Environmentally Friendly Business Apps For Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, your business may be looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. There are plenty of different ways to reduce your carbon footprint or develop other eco-friendly business behaviors.  Here are some environmentally friendly business apps to help your business go green this Earth Day. Go “Green” With These Environmentally Friendly Business […]

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    First character: NASA scientist on how Earth is tipping (and spinning slowly) due to weather alternate

    think about how weather change affects earth and a few obvious answers come to mind: Rainfall styleswill alternate, sea temperatures will upward thrust, extra corals will bleach, planetary wind structures willchange, the variety of extreme weather activities will upward thrust… but a paper published remaining month in medical journal ScienceAdvances, introduced any other tradeto what […]