When did you last download a podcast?

    Around 9% of adults in the UK say they download podcasts S-Town, the gripping saga about life and death in Alabama, is the latest podcast to have notched up impressive listening figures. But podcasts on the whole still don’t seem to be breaking through to the mainstream. Have you ever downloaded a podcast? And, if […]

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    Download Central: 2kRPM

    The 2kRPM app has multiple categories like “Find” and “Diagnose”. This app, meant for car enthusiasts, is a treasure trove of information. It has a clean interface, with icons and text labels, as well as multiple categories. “Find” helps you locate fuel stations, service centres, accessory stores, towing services, etc. The results are plotted on […]

    How to download and listen to podcasts on Android or iOS

    When the luminaries at Apple first conceived of the iPod, the goal was to start a revolution in the way music was consumed. The device was a success in that regard, allowing people to carry a wealth of music on the go, but Apple didn’t likely anticipate that its little device would cause a seismic shift in […]