The Different Entrepreneur Types

    Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. By its very nature, Entrepreneurship is a game of chance. An individual places tremendous faith in a product or idea and starts on uncharted waters by investing his personal wealth, eventually supported by people who see mettle in the idea. The Entrepreneur then develops the idea further and hopes, […]

    5 Different Kinds of Success

    Capitalism has trained us to think about success in a very specific way: a boxed-in type of success that almost feels store-bought, packed and shipped right to our front doors. Replaced by things, soul-searching success is left by the wayside. After all, why try to cultivate success when it can be purchased with a single click? […]

    Millennial entrepreneurs really do want different things

    You’ve probably heard that millennials are different. They are more likely to prefer cooking at home than their elders. They want to buy from and invest in companies that have a purpose and an eye on social good. They’re over the idea of collecting stuff. You get the idea. A lot of these points of […]

    Entrepreneurs Look (And Sound) Different Than You Think

    Manufacturing is sexy. Sounds crazy? Just wait! When I say creative, rarely does manufacturing come to mind. Yet making and manufacturing are the original forms of creation, and manufactured goods are at the core of our economy. Keeping manufacturing local is critical, not just for the direct jobs it creates, but for the induced economic […]

    Display Advertising Statistics for Different Types of Digital Ads

    We’ve collected these display advertising statistics from a variety of sources. If you’re unsure of the differences between the different types of display advertising, there’s an explanation beneath the statistics. Last updated: January 22, 2017 Banner Ads Statistics Banner ads have been hit hard over the past few years: Approximately 30 percent of Internet users say they […]

    Added Value Makes Dasheroo a Different Kind of Business Dashboard

    Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Though still in it’s beta stage, Dasheroo offers unique value above and beyond more traditional business dashboard solutions. Factor in the fact that it’s free (freemium pricing is in the future) and Dasheroo may just become the most useful small business tool ever. One of the most critical tasks of any […]

    Why must women be different?

    The overwhelming majority of start-ups that are funded have White, male founders. Just 1% are Black, 8% are female and 12% are Asian. Photo: Reuters As an economist, I was trained in the late eighties as a ‘free marketeer’—one who believes that markets are essentially ‘efficient’, that human beings behave rationally in their own self […]