DC tv Podcasts crew Up for his or her 2nd Annual Charity Podcast Marathon

    remaining 12 months, I wrote approximately DC tv Podcasts and their podcast marathon to benefit the Winship cancer Institute of Emory college. This yr, they’re at it again. identical superpowered do-gooding,one-of-a-kind charitable purpose. whilst it first formed, DC tv Podcasts became made up of Quiver: The green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, Legends of Gotham, […]

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    The Crew: Wild Run Review

    Last year, Ubisoft, the purveyor of fine historical murder simulators, quirky strategy games, and oft-delayed tactical shooters, also released The Crew. It’s a racing game that promised you’ll never drive alone what with a sprawling open-world, mammoth missions that had you playing with friends, and deep customisation options as well as role-playing game-like levelling systems. […]