This Company Uses Machine Learning to Find Owners of Recalled Cars

    When a car company issues a recall, it’s typically on dealerships to reach out to affected customers. But since vehicles can change hands, leaving records out of date, dealers aren’t always able to provide drivers with this at times vital information. One company that addresses this issue is Recall Masters, founded by programmer Chris Miller. […]

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    How Scrum developer is going to be develop company’s show

    Scrum team is treated to be the most important player for a company. Many of the new professional in the system wonder for the reason of this popularity. Just go through the details of the team and its management process. You will learn soon, why they are preferred by all other professionals and the companies. […]

    Theranos says it has been mischaracterized in allegations the company faked tests

    Theranos secretly bought lab equipment through a shell company, faked tests and inappropriately pumped up its financial outlook to investors, according to allegations in recently unsealed court documents, first reported by the Wall Street Journal.Partner Fund Management LP, a hedge fund management firm which invested $96 million in Theranos filed the claim in Delaware Chancery […]

    Drugs in the Workplace: Is Your Company at Risk?

    Stressed out at work? Stress could be holding you back from success and shortening your lifespan. In our multi-tasking, go-go-go world, many of us wear stress like a badge of honor. We have more appointments, deadlines, and tasks than we could fulfill in a single work day. Our smartphones enable an “always on” workplace culture […]

    How to Add Some Spice to Your Drab Company Blog

    It’s no surprise that most businesses are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. If you already have a website up, it makes sense to create a company blog. According to Hubspot, B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67 percent more leads than those who don’t. That said, it’s safe to say that your company blog will […]

    5 Cheap Aftermarket Tech Upgrades for Company Vehicles

    No word yet on when cars will be able to take the wheel while dressing you in a suit, à la “The Incredibles,” but today’s carmakers are still coming up with some pretty fancy new technology. As the industry barrels toward autonomous vehicles, new cars include increasingly advanced ways to protect drivers, such as automatic braking […]

    5 Reasons Your Local SEO Company Isn’t Providing Results

    MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY FINANCE ADVICE RESOURCES MORE Go to… Home Marketing & Social – Social Media –    – 5 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing –    – Social Media Etiquette Should Define Not Defame Your Brand –    – So Long, Twitter Dashboard — We Hardly Knew You –    – Go To Social Media > – Retail […]

    Cause Related, Green and Company Charitable Gifts

    You don’t have to choose between giving great gifts and supporting worthwhile causes. There are actually plenty of options out there for giving socially responsible, eco-friendly or charitable gifts that everyone on your list will actually like. Here are some gifts to add to your holiday gift list that also do some good. Cause Related, […]

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    Google acquires eye-tracking company for virtual reality effort

    Functional eye-tracking is a widely desired feature in virtual reality and augmented reality, which lets digital images interact with the physical world. San Francisco: Google just picked up a key piece of technology that might move its virtual reality ambitions closer to the masses. Eyefluence, which is working to enable eye movements to control digital […]