• What Was the Real Cause of Samsung’s Issues With the Galaxy Note 7? (Watch)

    Samsung has concluded its investigation into the cause of its overheating (and sometimes even exploding or fire catching) Galaxy Note 7 devices. The company blamed its battery suppliers, saying that there were flaws in the designs for the original and replacement batteries. But Samsung didn’t deflect all of the blame. It did admit that it […]

    Leading Cause of Death of Startups: Real Estate

    Ross Mayfield, CEO of SocialText, and a long-time blogger himself, is finally getting an office. For two years his company has operated virtually, with employees working from their homes across the United States. He calls it “net-enabled bootstrapping” because the company has used technology tools to operate at a low cost and grow from within. […]

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    Legalized Marijuana Sales Cause Drop in Alcohol Sales

    As legal marijuana grows in popularity, domestic beer brewers are starting to take big profit hits in states where recreational pot is legal. People are now spending their money on weed at a similar rate to alcohol states with legalization, especially among the younger generation. The shifting landscape is digging into the profits of the […]

    Cause Related, Green and Company Charitable Gifts

    You don’t have to choose between giving great gifts and supporting worthwhile causes. There are actually plenty of options out there for giving socially responsible, eco-friendly or charitable gifts that everyone on your list will actually like. Here are some gifts to add to your holiday gift list that also do some good. Cause Related, […]

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    Internet scams cause major financial harm to Indians, study finds

    Half the Indian users surveyed felt the responsibility to protect people from frauds lies with the government and 60% feel the responsibility lies with the website. New Delhi: Indian Internet users have suffered among the highest financial losses because of Internet scams, a survey by Norway-based telecom operator Telenor ASA found. “For those surveyed who […]