How to Create Great Content in Boring Industries

    The ability to excite and inspire is a critical ingredient for online marketing success. What are you doing today that will connect and engage viewers of your content? Boring industries don’t have to be boring. NBC built an entire series, “The Office,” around the daily doldrums of a paper company in Scranton, PA. Nine seasons, […]

    ‘Sleep With Me’ Podcast Promises Boring Bedtime Stories, Insomnia Relief

    closemore Drew Ackerman is a storyteller whose tales are so dull, convoluted and meandering that they’re likely to put you to sleep. And that’s exactly the point. Ackerman is the writer, producer and narrator of the wildly popular “Sleep With Me Podcast,” which promises “lulling, droning, boring” bedtime stories to “distract your racing mind.” “Our […]