Bitcoin startups in Asia take aim at remittances market

    “We started in 2014, when bitcoin crashed from $1,000 to $200-$300 and luckily our business model didn’t rely on speculation,” said SCI co-founder Miguel Cuneta. HONG KONG/SEOUL: Bitcoin, battered by warnings about volatility and bubble-like appreciation, may have found a way to play a niche role in a big market: overseas money transfers. Used as […]

    From dentistry to repair jobs, entrepreneurs catch bitcoin bug

    At least a dozen companies, including some in past few weeks, have been registered in various parts of India with ‘bitcoin’ as part of their names while many more such applications are pending before the Registrar of Companies. Photo: Reuters New Delhi: It is not only investors who have caught the bitcoin bug lured by a […]

    Bitcoin Loses Crypto Dominance Position, Startups Eye Altcoins

    Today, Bitcoin isn’t always the currency of choice in moving value. Some transactions are taking days instead of 10 minutes, and the average transaction cost recently reached $4.50. The Bitcoin network is currently at a turning point. 1 MB blocks are no longer a sustainable length to enable fast and affordable transactions. When the network […]