Is Your Partner Being Too Generous with Contractors? 4 Questions to Ask

    When a contractor does great work for you, it’s natural to want to compensate them generously. Being generous with others isn’t just a selfless act; it makes you feel good, too. In fact, researchers at the University of Michigan proved that being generous improves your mental and physical health, and promotes longevity. Is Your Business Partner Being Too […]

  • Being an absolute boss: podcasts of the week

    It’s podday (what do you think of podday? I’ve just made it up and am trying to go with it), the day where all your podcasting dreams come true. It is also my birthday week, hooray! In the Slaney household, a birthday week means anyone who has a birthday coming up can be Veruca Salt […]

  • ‘I lived in fear of brown envelopes’: being chased by the taxman

    For Nick Walton, 2005 marked the start of a tumultuous five-year tax battle when he received a letter from HMRC that questioned his tax return. They didn’t tell him what the issue was. The investigation was thorough. In the first interview, an enquiry officer asked about Walton’s job as a freelance journalist and honed in […]

    Why Most SEO Budgets Are Being Waste

    SEO is powerful whether you believe in it or not. Throughout the years we have seen magic happen for our clients, and gigantic returns on their investments. We were able to achieve this because we were good at it and were able to be different from the rest of the industry. We were a success […]

    The DIY Guide to Being an SEO Expert

    Imagine … generating hundred and thousands of hits to your website a day. Those hits turn into email subscribers, and people buying your products. This consistent traffic gives you the financial freedom you need to spend time living a life that brings joy and abundance to the world. This is the reality for many business owners […]

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    Law Being Cooked Up to Reverse Ban On The Sale of Home Baked Cookies

    If you’re a resident of New Jersey or Wisconsin, you can’t legally sell cookies and similar baked goods made in a home kitchen. But there are efforts underway in both states to reverse the ban on home baked cookie sales. Erica Smith, an attorney for the Institute for Justice, explained the current situation in an […]

    Panama Papers Source Breaks Silence, Denies Being A Spy: Report

    A company list showing the Mossack Fonseca law firm is pictured on a sign at the Arango Orillac Building in Panama City on April 3, 2016. (Reuters) BERLIN:  HIGHLIGHTS The source’s motivation was the ‘scale of injustices’, revealed the paper Source, calling himself ‘John Doe’, praised others like Edward Snowden He also asked for immunity […]

    Panama Papers source Breaks Silence, Denies Being A undercover agent: file

    A corporation list displaying the Mossack Fonseca regulation company is pictured on a sign on theArango Orillac constructing in Panama town on April 3, 2016. (Reuters) BERLIN: HIGHLIGHTS The source‘s motivation became the ‘scale of injustices’, revealed the paper supply, calling himself ‘John Doe’, praised others like Edward Snowden He also asked for immunity for […]