An adult bedtime secret: Podcasts

    Podcasts and audiobooks have become the new bedtime stories for many adults. (Getty Images) When I first heard several friends confess to what they do as they head off to sleep each night, or sometimes when they wake up in the night’s dark depths, I was horrified. It was just wrong. People shouldn’t do that. […]

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    An animated life

    Sajan Skaria, character supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, on Inside Out, attending the Oscars and more Sajan Skaria is sipping hot chai when I meet him at his residence in the city. A character supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, the company that has brought out computer graphic animation wonders such as Brave, Finding Nemo and Cars, Sajan was part […]

    5 Rules for Going Into Personal Debt as an Entrepreneur

    All businesses require money to get started. Even if you’re working with a bare-bones, one-person startup, you’ll still have to pay money for website hosting, business-name registration and the equipment you’ll need (like a workspace and a computer)  to run the business. The overall average cost to start a business is around $30,000 — and unless you’ve been in the […]

    Secrets to Success as an Entrepreneur with Guy Kawasaki

    Entrepreneurship has long been lauded as an idyllic escape from structure for born-geniuses. It’s time to dispel the mystery clouding entrepreneurship and replace it with sound data. And who better to bring the truth than Guy Kawasaki. This is the guy whose name is synonymous with big. He helped market the first Apple Mac line […]

    Top 5 Personality Traits Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

    People often ask me what kind of personality traits successful entrepreneurs possess? I’ve always maintained a mental list, based on my observations over years of meeting with entrepreneurs who have founded, scaled and exited businesses. To explore this further, I thought it might be interesting to gather the perspectives of professional investors at venture capital funds […]

  • Being an absolute boss: podcasts of the week

    It’s podday (what do you think of podday? I’ve just made it up and am trying to go with it), the day where all your podcasting dreams come true. It is also my birthday week, hooray! In the Slaney household, a birthday week means anyone who has a birthday coming up can be Veruca Salt […]

  • Webmonkey Podcast: Apple News in an Era of Ad Blocking

    Another week, another sit-down with WIRED Executive Editor Joe Brown as we hash out the details surrounding Apple News and how it changes the world of online publishing. We’re also joined by WIRED’s director of audience development, Eric Steuer, to chat about the recent release of iOS 9, the first version of iOS to allow […]