Ecological restoration success is higher for natural regeneration than for active restoration in tropical forests

    Abstract Is active restoration the best approach to achieve ecological restoration success (the return to a reference condition, that is, old-growth forest) when compared to natural regeneration in tropical forests? Our meta-analysis of 133 studies demonstrated that natural regeneration surpasses active restoration in achieving tropical forest restoration success for all three biodiversity groups (plants, birds, […]

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    How to Use Evernote to Help You Keep Your Blog Active

    Anyone that has a blog knows there are times that it is very difficult to come up with things to write about. Sometimes you just don’t have time to write, but need to create a post quickly. I am going to tell you how I use the free, non-business version of Evernote to keep blog […]

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    LG Tone Active+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset Announced Ahead of IFA 2016

    HIGHLIGHTS The LG Tone Active+ is priced at roughly Rs. 12,100 LG is also showing off the LG Beetle Bluetooth wireless mouse The LG Force HBS-S80 headset will also be demoed at IFA LG has introduced new Bluetooth headsets just ahead of IFA 2016. The most important one is the Tone Active+ Bluetooth stereo headset. […]

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    Android 6.0 Marshmallow Now on 2.3 Percent of Active Devices: Google

    Google’s latest publicly available version of Android mobile and tablet operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, last month finally made it to 1 percent of active devices in five months after its release to Nexus devices. The new Marshmallow version in the company’s updated Google Play distribution data for the seven-day period ending March 7 has […]