What startups can learn from flea markets about competition, customers

    Some things books can never teach. I was reminded of this valuable lesson during a recent visit to Dubai’s Global Village. Designed like a flea market, the village brings together sellers and merchants from 90 countries. During the three hours I spent walking around, manufacturers and artisans tried to sell me everything under the sun—from […]

    10 Questions From Young Entrepreneurs About Startups

    Who says you can’t start a business when you’re young? These days, more and more young entrepreneurs who are full of great ideas, passion, and drive are launching their own companies—any many are finding success. I recently had the pleasure of serving as a mentor to a number of young entrepreneurs as part of the […]

    10 Quotes About Tech Privacy That’ll Make You Think

    Takeaway: The more technology we bring into our lives, the more our privacy seems to slip away. Here are some unique views on tech privacy in today’s world. Privacy in tech is growing into a pressing issue. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the risk of data breaches and inappropriate use of personal data has become obvious even to […]

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    Life’s Chaotic: Let’s Learn About Entropy

    There are some universal certainties. Death. Taxes. The second law of thermodynamics. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of articles online and off about the first two things on that list, but this one is about the third. This law, first identified by Sadi Carnot in 1824 in his musings of how the useful but mysterious […]

    Remembering JJ: 10 inspirational quotes about love, loss and life

    Junaid Jamshed and his family were among the casualties of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PH-661, which crashed on its way back from Chitral to Islamabad on December 7, 2016. Even now, two years later, it’s hard to believe someone many of us grew up watching is no longer amongst us. The musician-turned-evangelist was and […]

    Gerard Pique clarifies on controversial quotes about Roger Federer

    In October, the FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, announcing the new Davis Cup format in a conference call in Madrid, said that ‘Roger Federer’s legs can do only what they can do’. These quotes turned viral and sounded like a Pique’s criticism towards the 20-time Grand Slam winner, but in a recent interview to L’Equipe, […]

    10 quotes about dogs and the famous people who said them

    Celebrities love their dogs just like the rest of us. And, like us, they learn a lot from spending time with their canine companions. Here’s some of the wisdom from the mouths of the famous, starting with Jon Hamm whose quote came the day after he lost his dog. aJon Hamm has a realistic view of […]


    Brands spend a ton of resources researching what motivates their current and potential consumers to buy products and services. In fact, billions go into this process each year to determine why we grab Dove soap off the shelves as opposed to Irish Spring, or why we might fancy the Toyota Rav4 over the Chevy Equinox. […]