How To Spur Motivation And Fight Complacency As A Business Leader

    In my years of experience as a business leader, I’ve met my fair share of complacent employees. You know how to spot them. They do the absolute bare minimum to get by. They’re focused on not getting fired and couldn’t care less about delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their poor attitude and lackluster work ethic can […]

    Do You Need a Goal for Your Startup?

    When you start your company, it helps to have a goal in mind. It seems obvious. Isn’t the goal to make money? However, you need something a little more if you want your company to succeed — especially if you want to succeed in the way you hope. Before you move forward, it’s a good idea […]

    “It’s a sweatshop”: The ugly truth behind working at an Indian startup

    Cersei Lannister. That’s what her team calls the 33-year-old co-founder of a Bengaluru-based startup behind her back. The Game of Thrones reference—Lannister is a cutthroat empress in the series—came about last year after she sacked a newly-hired marketing head on the spot following a difference of opinion during a meeting. The manager had joined the five-year-old startup […]

    Google is developing a possible podcast app called Shortwave

    There is a new Google app in development called Shortwave. From the trademark filing, it appears Shortwave is a cross-platform podcast app. One of the focuses of the app will likely be sharing podcasts with friends. Google finally got around to releasing a standalone podcast app back in June (appropriately named Google Podcasts). But there might be another Google […]

    Indian startups make a beeline for funding at RISE

    Organisers say there is a 40% increase in number of participants this year and more than 500 investors are attending From tattooing to dress rentals to security solutions, there is an astounding variety of Indian startup dreams searching for funding at ‘RISE 2018’, Asia’s largest tech event currently on in this bustling Asian business capital. […]