8 quotes on love and life by Vladimir Nabokov

    01/8 “Loneliness as a situation can be corrected, but as a state of mind it is an incurable illness” Russian-born American poet, Vladimir Nabokov was a fiction writer, critic, and butterfly expert. Best known for his literary masterpieces like ‘Lolita’, ‘Pale Fire’ and ‘Pnin’, Nabokov was one of the biggest authors of his time. Nabokov was […]

    The 8 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize value. They may think of legal services as an unnecessary expense and try to get away with using DIY forms on the internet rather than seeking the advice and expertise of a qualified attorney. This strategy could prove to be very expensive down the […]

    8 Tips For Improving Self-Motivation And Productivity

    GETTY IMAGES Are you in the habit of putting everything off until tomorrow… or the day after that? You’re certainly not alone. Everyone needs strategies to help them get the most out of the workday. In partnership with Brother Canada, here are eight tips to help you go from procrastination to concentration. GETTY IMAGES Have a […]

    Samsung Introduces Powerful New Galaxy Note 8 at Unpacked Event

    With battery issues hopefully behind it, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Note 8 at an Unpacked event on Wednesday. The new version has some big advancements that should make it a viable business tool for small businesses. The Galaxy Note 7 — and others before it — was a popular business tool and has a loyal following. Samsung’s President of […]

    8 Places Successful People Find Their Motivation

    Barbara Corcoran. CREDIT: Getty Images A lot of us struggle with motivation — especially after a personal or business failure. Not to be cold, but at some point we all have those moments when either an internal or external forces zaps our motivation. The difference with successful people is that no matter what’s going on […]

    8 startups that made it to Target India’s Accelerator Program 5

    Founded on the principle of giving back to the ecosystem, the Target Accelerator Program will help these eight Indian startups validate and mature their product to increase customer traction Target India on Wednesday announced the fifth batch – the largest cohort yet – of its Accelerator Program. Eight startups were selected for the four-month long-programme […]


    The seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, July 16 after an extra-long hiatus. Fans of both the show and writer George R. R. Martin’s rich book series are in an interesting spot, with two seasons and two books left to wrap up the massive, sweeping fantasy saga. Thrones will dominate the […]

    The 8 most important quotes from James Comey’s hearings

    Former FBI Director James Comey delivered a bombshell testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, detailing many of his interactions with President Donald Trump over the last six months. Among the biggest takeaways were that Comey believes Trump fired him last month due to the Russia investigation, and that Trump had repeatedly sought one-on-one […]