How You Use Document Templates – Survey Results

    A few weeks ago we did a survey here at Small Business Trends to find out what kinds of documents you typically print and which document templates you use. Just over 170 of you gave us some insights and a lot of good sources of templates and tools for printing. We’d like to share the […]

    Win a Printer – Take The Marketing Materials Survey

    Would you like a shot at winning a new printer? Take our short survey. It’s just 5 minutes. We ask you to tell us what marketing templates, resources and tools you rely upon for creating in-house marketing materials. We’d like to know where YOU go for the best templates and how you use your printer […]

    It’s Time to Invest In Tech for Your Small Business – Now What?

    Entrepreneurs have enough on their plate without worrying about the technological needs of their new business. Between complicated and highly technical infrastructure, advanced operating systems and constantly evolving technologies, it can be difficult for the most steadfast of IT pros to keep up. The majority of today’s enterprises share many of the same IT needs, […]

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    Amazon Echo: Fun, But Not Very Useful – Yet

    Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Echo is a fun gadget that doubles as an audio speaker and an automated assistant to handle small tasks. While promising, today it doesn’t do enough to be meaningful as a productivity tool. How would you like to have your own administrative assistant to help you research information and compile simple […]

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    Why B2B Startups Fail – And How to Prevent It

    Why do startups fail in the B2B world?  Any number of reasons.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the main reasons, and more importantly, what you can do about it. The numbers are daunting.  Startup failure rates indicate 50% of small businesses are out of business within five years. However, rather […]

    STARTUP STATISTICS – The Numbers You Need to Know

    We’ve collected these startup statistics for small businesses from a variety of sources. Last updated: October 23, 2016 GENERAL STARTUP STATISTICS 51 percent of owners of small businesses are 50-88 years old, 33 percent are 35-49 and only 16 percent are 35 years old and under. 69 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at […]

    Boost Your Productivity by – Standing While Working?

    Looking to boost your productivity at work? The answer may be simpler than you think. In fact, a recent study by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health found that simply standing at your desk can have a huge impact on productivity. Standing While Working Shown to Increase Productivity The university’s researchers […]

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    Keeping elephants away in Karnataka – by cutting 10,000 hectares of teak trees

    The state forest department believes replacing teak trees with fruit trees in tiger sanctuaries will keep elephant herds away from human habitation. Karnataka’s forest department has come up with a rather bizarre solution to end the age-old conflict between humans and elephants. It plans to cut down 10,000 hectares of teak plantations in two tiger […]