Stopping Old Podcast Episodes From Self-Destructing

Q. I use the Apple Podcasts app, but the episodes never stick around after I play them. If I want to listen again I have to redownload them. I don’t sync my shows with other devices, either. Does this mean the space is getting tight on my iPhone?

A. The Apple Podcasts app has built-in tools to help you manage your subscriptions and the individual shows you download. The setting that automatically deletes an episode (within 24 hours after it has been fully played) is probably enabled. You can turn off the Podcast app’s default control — or just have it stop deleting recently played episodes from specific podcasts.


If your old episodes are disappearing on their own, check the settings in the Apple Podcasts app.CreditThe New York Times

If you do not want Apple Podcasts to dump any episodes you have played, open the Settings icon on your iPhone’s home screen and scroll down until you see Podcasts. Tap Podcasts, and in the Podcast Defaults section, turn off the button next to Delete Played Episodes. If the button was already off, tap the Limit Episodes option above it on the Podcast settings screen and see if the app is set to keep an episode for only a certain amount of time, like a day.

Individual podcasts have their own settings, too. If you have turned off the app’s default control to delete episodes you have played, you can still make the shows you do not want to save automatically disappear. To do that, go to the Podcasts app, select a show from your My Podcasts list and tap the gear-shaped settings icon under the show’s title. Here, you can change the automatic-deletion settings for this show as well as other preferences, like your notifications for new episodes.

If you are concerned that your phone might be getting too full, check your current storage space. Open the Settings app from the home screen, select General and then Storage & iCloud Usage. On the next screen, under Storage, tap Manage Storage to see your available space — and a list of the apps using up the rest of your phone’s drive.

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