As it turns out, there is a sizable difference between the gun you keep in your home for protection and the gun you use to win competitions at your local shooting gallery. The gun you keep in your home can be heavier and more powerful. It is designed for protection, to ensure that if a person comes through your door trying to harm your family, you have a chance to defend them. However, this far from the gun you’d want if you were trying to win a shooting competition. More gun manufacturers today are differentiating, making guns that are designed for more specific purposes.

When you seek out competition handguns, you should be looking for a gun that is more accurate than powerful. Competitions generally involve shooting at small targets. You don’t have to blow the target away. You just have to show that you can hit it with consistency. While it is possible to have a powerful gun that is also accurate, whenever you go for more power, you are bound to sacrifice something when it comes to accuracy. Keeping this in mind will help you achieve better results in your shooting competitions.

The guns you use for competitions should also take into account the need for speed. Competitions often involve moving from spot to spot to shoot at various angles. You need a gun that is made for a quick pull. You also need a gun that is light. The best handguns for competitions are those that people don’t mind carrying around for a while. This, too, can be antithetical to power. Powerful guns tend to be heavier on average. When you have a lighter gun, you may sacrifice some of this torque, but you will be better able to maneuver when it comes time to compete.

If you are serious about performing at the highest levels with your guns, then you need the right equipment. Seeking out a gun made specifically for your type of competition is always the right move. You’ll wow your friends and achieve much better scores.

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