Remembering JJ: 10 inspirational quotes about love, loss and life

Junaid Jamshed and his family were among the casualties of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PH-661, which crashed on its way back from Chitral to Islamabad on December 7, 2016.

Even now, two years later, it’s hard to believe someone many of us grew up watching is no longer amongst us. The musician-turned-evangelist was and will always remain one of the most prolific artists to have come out of Pakistan in recent time.

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JJ left behind a legacy of not just great music but also a world of advice for us to benefit from for years to come. To mark his second death anniversary, we bring you 10 of JJ’s most thoughtful quotes about the love, life and how we can achieve success in both.

1. “One of the greatest purification of the self is to part with your money and give it to people who deserve it.”

2. “I have never seen a generous man go bankrupt.”

3. “The beginning is always the hardest part. If you try, you risk failure. But if you quit, you ensure it.”

Junaid found his direction and that led him to discover the peace in himself we all aspire for to be complete within. PHOTO: JUNAID JAMSHED FACEBOOK PAGE

4. “People don’t want to change because they focus on what they will lose rather than what they will gain.”

5. “The way to the top with people is not through intelligence but extravagant sacrificial service.”

6. “Sometimes, you don’t realise your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.”



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