Private sector workers more motivated in their jobs than State employees

Millennials are highly motivated. Stock photo

Millennials are highly motivated. Stock photo

Private sector workers are increasingly more motivated than their public sector counterparts.

Almost 90pc of private sector workers are either motivated or very motivated in their work, compared with 84pc of public sector workers, according to the Employee Motivation Survey produced by accounting and consulting firm Mazars.

The number of private sector workers who are motivated in their jobs has increased by almost 10pc in the past year alone.

The relatively stagnant level of motivation in the public service – motivation levels have increased only 2pc in the last 12 months – may be due to public sector hesitation over expansion and growth, pay increases, and promotions and recruitment, the report found.

Overall, employee motivation levels have increased by 6pc over the last year to 87pc.

Of those who are more motivated than this time last year, 40pc said it was due to changing roles, a new job or an increase in salary.

Despite there being much talk surrounding the difficulties in motivating millennials, a massive 88pc of survey respondents in this age group said they are either very motivated or motivated in their jobs, an increase of 21pc on 2016.

Reasons behind the increased motivation of millennials included a change in their role, salary and the job itself.

Meanwhile, a study of over 1,200 workers by Hays recruitment has found that seven out of 10 employees would take a pay cut for a better cultural fit at work, with over a third willing to accept a pay cut of over 5pc if it helped achieve it.

Despite signs that increasing numbers of people are changing jobs, nearly half of the employees surveyed said that they rate their work-life balance as average, poor or terrible.


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