Will Podcasts Like ‘Serial’ Be the Binge-Worthy Successors to TV?

    While television has become the entertainment medium du jour — bolstered, no doubt, by binge-inducing services like Netflix — the hysteria surrounding a new podcast called Serial would seem to point to latent opportunities within a storytelling medium that feels both rife with potential and oddly old-fashioned. Serial, which has held steady at the top […]

    5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Start a Podcast Today

    Image credit: Patrick Breitenbach | Flickr Since the dawn of digital there has been a ton of talk about what your company should be doing for digital marketing. Whether it is paid search, social media or blogging, there is no shortage of ideas and advice. However, one of the undeniable forces drawing businesses and their […]

    5 Business Podcasts to Start Listening to in 2016

    Podcast consumption is growing, and at a rapid rate. Americans spend about 2 percent of their daily share of audio consumption listening to podcasts, according to a study by Edison. And this number has likely increased since the study. Related: 6 Podcasts That Will Make You Richer in 2016 While the percentage may seem small, it actually translates […]

    4 Podcasts That Keep You Up-To-Date

    Podcasts have become the latest media trend, with the popularity of This American Lifeand Serial revitalizing the medium. Their resurrection illustrates that cutting edge technology is not required for good storytelling – regardless of the medium, good stories and good storytellers trump all. There are podcasts for any niche hobby or interest, but to stay […]

    Gerard Baden-Clay had both sex and money as motivation

    Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay on their wedding day. SEX and money. Pick a murder case at random and these two factors are likely to play a role. Gerard Baden-Clay had both motivations in spades. As fate would have it, his wife Allison and mistress were about to meet at a real estate ­conference. The consequences […]

    It’s Time to Quit the ‘Motivation Porn’ and Get Serious About Success

    Perhaps you’ve noticed the feeling before. You’re on Facebook or Instagram, scrolling through your feed consuming post after post of “valuable” content and inspiring information. You start getting pumped up, don’t you? I know I do. It feels great to look at other people doing really well and think to yourself, “That could be me!” […]

  • ‘Shark Tank’ star Robert Herjavec: Entrepreneurs can’t have work-life balance if they want to be successful

    “Shark Tank” investor Robert Herjavec. One of the biggest movements in business today is providing employees with benefits that recognize the importance of their personal lives, like extended parental-leave policies. But, if you’re a serious entrepreneur, says “Shark Tank” investor and Herjavec Group founder Robert Herjavec, you need to set all that aside. “People often […]

    13 Quotes That Remind Us to Protect Mother Earth

    Turtle Island is in trouble. From climate change to oil spills and wildfires, the damage can be seen across the country. Here are 13 quotes from contemporary and historic Native figures about the importance of conserving resources to save Mother Earth. “Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom.” —David Ipina, Yurok When […]

    15 Quotes That Explain the Kardashian/Jenners’ Emotional Connection to O.J. Simpson

    O.J., Kris, Caitlyn (then identifying as Bruce), and O.J.’s girlfriend, Paula Barbieri. GARY KAPLAN VIDEO LLC/SPLASHNEWS The upcoming FX series American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, from American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy, recreates the Trial of the Century. Perhaps you don’t know what the “Trial of the Century” is because you weren’t alive […]