What flight attendants really think about when they first greet you

    Photo Credit: Tom Purves/Flickr 15.5K Total Views I’ve been a flight attendant for 25 years. Greeting passengers at the door requires concentration on several levels. Of course the objective is to make you feel welcome and comfortable, but that’s only one aspect. While I’m trying to give that impression, I’m evaluating you very closely, and […]

    7 Steps to Finding Success as a Millennial Entrepreneur

    Older generations say millennials have short attention spans, a sense of entitlement, and little patience. The fact is, those qualities are not necessarily bad — especially for young entrepreneurs. What some call faults can actually be advantages if leveraged in the right way. The key is finding that sweet-spot between youthful enthusiasm and the more […]

    Why ‘Gen Z’ May Be More Entrepreneurial Than ‘Gen Y’

    We’ve heard that Gen Y, born between 1982 and 1993, is the most entrepreneurial generation, but the next generation is even more ambitious than them. Let me introduce you to Gen Z, those born between 1994 and 2010 — a group that’s comprised of high school students and younger, and is poised to become the […]

    Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now

    When I was fresh out of college and ready to start my career, launching a business — let alone making it successful — required overcoming serious logistical and financial hurdles. You needed office space, staff and equipment. Computers, copiers and fax machines were all prohibitively expensive, same with a business phone system. So you needed […]

    50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people. Not only do they think differently; they act differently. They draw on personality traits, habits and mind-sets to come up with ideas that straddle the line between insanity and genius. But just because you’re an original thinker and came up with an idea to replace gasoline in cars doesn’t […]

    How Great Entrepreneurs Got Started

    Nearly 20 years ago, after speaking at a conference in beautiful Pebble Beach, Calif., I happened to catch the keynote by a little-known entrepreneur from Japan, Masayoshi Son. I was struck by Son’s bold vision for his young company, a software distributor named Softbank. Although Softbank – which had recently acquired the personal computer industry’s […]

    The Key to Success? Relationships.

    If you ask 10 entrepreneurs to tell you the key to business success, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. I’m sure one would say product innovation, and while that’s definitely a significant factor, it’s not the right answer. And, yes, there is a right answer. The key to business success is winning and keeping […]