A political map of Assam: Congress vs BJP vs AIUDF vs BPF vs AGP

    Photo Credit: AFP 22.4K Total Views As Assam heads towards assembly elections this year, the battle lines, as they say, are drawn. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which will play challenger, has declared its quest to win two-thirds majority in the state assembly, its Mission 84. In a break from custom, it has even chosen a […]

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    Why the sun is setting on the Boeing 747

    Photo Credit: pixabay 30K Total Views It’s difficult to imagine now, in the age of mass global travel, that building an aeroplane to carry hundreds of people at a time was once seen as a huge risk. But as the world’s first wide-body airliner, the Boeing 747 went on to change not only aviation but […]

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    The Daily Fix: Pakistan may not like Anupam Kher, but can it not tolerate him?

    Photo Credit: PTI 11.4K Total Views The Latest: Top stories of the day 1. The Supreme Court has referred a clutch of curative petitions on the 2013 verdict upholding Section 377, which criminalises consensual sexual intercourse between two adults of the same sex, to a five-judge bench. 2. In a veiled attack on the Congress, […]

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    Why Delhi residents are skipping work to save a dying lake

    Photo Credit: Save Lake Naini 16.4K Total Views People mostly look at me in disbelief when I mention that I live across a lake in Delhi, India’s capital city, known more for its concrete than its wetlands. Most people, in fact, are not even aware that such a natural lake exists in the heart of […]

    Military courts in Pakistan are not helping counter terror threats

    Photo Credit: AFP 20K Total Views The killing of at least 20 students and staff of Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, disturbingly reminiscent of the attack a year ago on the Army Public School in Peshawar, has once again brought into focus the efficacy and legitimacy of the country’s National Action Plan. This includes at […]