A reminder: JNU has always been a hotbed of radical protest

    Photo Credit: V Arun Kumar/Facebook 14K Total Views This author entered the sleepy little gate of JNU in the evening on 13 July 1989. Little did he realise then that the citizens of France were celebrating 200 years of their revolution which brought to us the ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity. Neither did he […]

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    Red cards in cricket: An idea whose time has come

    Photo Credit: Saeed Khan / AFP 13.2K Total Views Cricket is often called the “gentleman’s game” but the reality is sometimes rather different. If the game conjured up romantic images of idyllic village greens and players clad in pristine white upholding the “spirit of the game” (whatever that means), it has metamorphosed into a multi-billion […]

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    Uber Launches ‘Trip Experiences’ API on Its Developer Platform

    At Uber’s first ever Asian hackathon held in Bengaluru on Tuesday, taxi aggregator Uber announced the launch of its Global API called Trip Experiences. Launched on developers.uber.com, it lets startups leverage Uber’s API to provide an enhanced and gamified travel experience during the free time that Uber riders have during their trips. Saad Ahmed, Business […]

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    Facebook Mentions App Finally Reaches Android

    The Facebook Mentions app, which was launched for iOS users back in 2014, has finally made it to Android. The app lets public figures with verified profiles broadcast live videos, interact with followers, track trending stories, and more. The app also lets public figures post public updates without spamming their friends and family members. They […]

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    Twitter Adds Live Periscope Broadcasts to Timelines

    Twitter on Tuesday began weaving live Periscope video broadcasts into timelines streamed to its application tailored for Apple mobile devices. “Go LIVE and broadcast straight into Twitter!” the one-to-many messaging service’s chief and co-founder Jack Dorsey proclaimed in a tweet fired off at @Jack. “Huge new distribution for Periscopers around the world!” Twitter early last […]

    Old is gold: How Kolkata’s greying population is feeding a new kind of business

    Photo Credit: Rana Chakraborty 31.4K Total Views A drive down Kolkata’s spine, the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass that connects the north and south, will tell you what the city is really worried about. Between signboards advertising new-age condominiums, five-star hotels and schools with “world class” facilities are a number of ads by hospitals and pharma companies […]

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    ‘I rejoiced when Godse book launch went ahead’

    21.1K Total Views Intolerance again I am humbled and reassured on reading this article (“Banning release of the Godse book in Goa was an act of censorship and intolerance”). It is a deeply considered repudiation of the politics of hate and intolerance. As long as we have such writers in India, it will never become […]