This Is the Biggest Threat to Apple’s Business Around the World

    When is selling an iPhone not the same as selling an iPhone? Easy: when you’re selling it in a country whose currency is declining in value. So how many is that? Well, in the last 18 months, it’s been pretty much all of them other than the United States. Indeed, the dollar has shot up […]

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    Nexus 5X, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and More Tech Deals

    This week we have great deals on the iPhone 6S, Nexus 5X, Asus 15.6-inch laptop, and more. This is also a great weekend to grab big-screen smartphones on Flipkart when you pay upfront using any credit or debit card to get an extra 5% discount (maximum Rs. 1,500). 1. Apple iPhone 6S 64GB If you […]

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    Centre launches ₹10,000-cr fund to boost electronics manufacturing

    IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Ads by Google Franklin Templeton MF – 3 Equity Funds with a 20 Year Track Record. Know More and Invest Now! www.franklintempletonmutualfund.in MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 15:   In a bid to kickstart manufacturing in the electronics sector, the Centre on Monday launched a ₹10,000-crore development fund specifically targeted at the semiconductor industry. […]

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    Alphabet Passes Apple as Biggest Company – Now What?

    Even before it became a household name, Google parent Alphabet has become the world’s most valuable company, vaulting past Apple in a sign of an evolving technology landscape. On Wall Street Tuesday, Alphabet’s shares reflected a market capitalization to $531 billion (roughly Rs. 36,17,819 crores) at the close following its strong earnings report, while Apple’s […]

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    iPhone 6s, PlayStation 4, Canon EOS 700D, and More Tech Deals

    This week we have a great entry-level DSLR from Canon, Lenovo Ideapad 2, Apple’s iPhone 6s and a lot more with discounts and offers. 1. Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera In the market for a DSLR that offers the right combination of pricing and features? The Canon EOS 700D might be a perfect fit. The […]

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    Freedom 251 Smartphone: More Questions Than Answers

    The Freedom 251 smartphone will official be unveiled by manufacturer Ringing Bells in India shortly, and it seems to be the cheapest smartphone in the whole world. Running Android 5.1, it sounds on paper like a usable phone – it might not impress anyone, but at a price of just Rs. 251, it doesn’t exactly […]

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    The Freedom 251, Apple’s Encryption Woes, and Other Headlines This Week

    This week, technology news in India very quickly got taken over by the “cheapest smartphone in the world”, the Ringing Bells Freedom 251. If you managed to miss the noise about this one we would be very surprised, but here’s a quick 5-point guide to catch you up. The company sent out an early unit […]

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    Four steps to appointing a US Supreme Court justice

    Photo Credit: pixabay 10.9K Total Views With the unexpected death of United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia this weekend, the political battle lines have been drawn. President Obama has made clear that he plans to nominate a successor. His opposition is equally adamant that he should not do so, but allow the choice to […]

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    How the great phosphorus shortage could leave us short of food

    Photo Credit: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum 38.2K Total Views You know that greenhouse gases are changing the climate. You probably know drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, and that we’re living through a mass extinction. But when did you last worry about phosphorus? It’s not as well-known as the other issues, but […]