20 inspirational quotes for women in their 20s

    The ‘roaring 20s’ is the time to be alive, as they say. It is a time to be adventurous and do all the things you want to – travel, fall in love, make practical decisions with regard to your career, and also make mistakes, and grow. It’s a great time to revel in the unexpected, and learn from myriad experiences. It is the time when you […]

  • The biggest disasters in business history – podcasts of the week

    Kodak film. The company’s lurch towards bankruptcy in 2012 is profiled in Spectacular Failures. Photograph: Ian Waldie/Getty Images Talking points The platform where many users go to to listen to other people’s podcasts, Apple is now plotting to start making its own. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant is in conversation with media companies about creating […]

    Giving A Boost To Entrepreneurs In North Omaha

    Julian Young went from drug dealer and dropout, to minister, to entrepreneurship coach. His Start Center for Entrepreneurship serves small business owners in North Omaha, Nebraska. COURTESY OF JULIAN YOUNG & COMPANY To teach others the ins and outs of entrepreneurship is to empower them to explore their potential and help themselves using their own […]

    Apple will reportedly fund Apple-exclusive podcasts

    Apple, with a revived focus on services and original content, is reportedly looking to invest in podcasts. Bloomberg reports today that the tech company is reaching out to media companies to discuss making certain shows exclusive to Apple Podcasts, the company’s podcast listening app. Apple declined to comment for this story. This is a complete rethinking of […]

    Smart ways to reform the startup ecosystem

    Union Budget 2019-20 had some bright spots. The enduring issue of angel tax for startups has been resolved to a large extent, perhaps completely. There are encouraging plans to get India skilled in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR). And the critical gap in research to achieve the well-intentioned goals in the […]

    The Neuroscience of Motivation: Why We Do What We Do [Infographics]

    What creates passion, loyalty, drive, peak performance and even love for one’s organization? Motivation. And what creates motivation? Well, it’s not a quick answer. In this blog, you’ll learn how to unpack the motivators beneath human behavior, to understand why we do what we do, and how to offer alternative behaviors that feel even better than the behaviors a person […]

    Motivation Is The Only Tool To Tackle Money Matters

    The fact is true that money matters need a calculative approach, wise financial decisions and patient attitude. However, these qualities can never stay for long in your nature if you are not feeling motivated. Right? You discontinue doing things in which you do not feel inspired and energised. Even if that continues, that is because […]

    There’s no such thing as motivation

    I’m not highly motivated. I don’t have amazing willpower or self-control. I don’t get up at 6 am to read, meditate, drink a green smoothie, and run 10 kilometres. That’s because I don’t believe in motivation. Instead, I’ve built systems and habits that remove my internal drive from the equation. So, whether or not I feel […]