No Need To Fret Over Lost Files Anymore With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software has been a greatly acclaimed software, which has helped thousands of people. The software has seen some great reviews, both from tech experts and customers. The software offers a recovery platform to users, who have lost their important files, due to some reason.

As all other data recovery software, EaseUS software offers the user the ability to recover deleted files. The software is able to recover all sorts of files, from a number of situations such as OS crash, virus attacks, hard disk failure, software failure, lost partition etc. The software makes use of an interactive interface, along with easy-to-use solutions to make the recovery process a lot easier.

The user need not know the technical aspects of the software to recover deleted files. The software can easily be used by a computer beginner, without the need of assistance.

The software makes use of data remnants that are left behind in the hard drive after data is deleted. Data remnants are normally inaccessible, however with the use of this software, you can use these and recover your lost files.


In order to start the recovery process, the software can be downloaded/purchased. The software is available in three different packages, which are as follows:

  1. Free
  2. Pro
  3. Pro+WinPE

Each package offer its own advantages over the others. The first package, which is free, allows the user to use the software on a trial basis. By downloading this, you can try the software and can recover up to 2 GB of data.

Initiating Search

After the software has been installed, the user can click on the icon on the desktop to run it. As soon as it runs, the first screen will ask the user to select a drive. Without wasting any time, the software prompts the user to select a drive where the scan has to be initiated. If there are any lost partitions found, they are also displayed at this screen. By selecting a drive, the software initiates a quick search of the drive.

The quick scan mode quickly searches through the memory for files that have been recently deleted. The quick scan mode is reliable and fast, and offers results within minutes. As soon as the scan mode ends, the results are shown, and another mode, deep scan mode, is started.

The deep scan mode thoroughly scans the drive and its memory for any fragments that were left unscanned by quick scan mode. This mode takes more time than quick scan mode, however, if your desired file was not found previously, it will have guaranteed pop up in this mode.

Recovering Files

As soon as the scanning process has ended, the files are displayed on the screen, inside of their respective folders. The files can be navigated through the folders hierarchy in the left side pan. The files can be sorted according to their file types, or can be searched through their file name. More than one files can also be restored with the click of a button.

If you are having trouble with hard drive recovery or you have lost some important files from your memory card, EaseUS Data recovery software is the right software with the right tools for you.

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