It’s exam season and the competition is getting stiffer year by year as the number of students appearing for the exams is also increasing with each coming year. The same is the case with the NEET exams this year. it will only be held in a single phase this year as opposed to the two phases that were held the previous year following the announcement by the Supreme Court that NEET will replace all state PMTs in the government’s move to bring all the medical colleges in the country under the watchful radar of one single entrance exam for all medical aspirants. This change has brought about an increased number of seats but the competition is getting more and more pronounced as the students will now all be competing on a pan India level.

Lakhs of students want to try their hand at getting through the exam to get admission into their dream college. But only a handful qualify for the top colleges. The question all these students have is – how to beat the competition and land in a good college? After months, and probably years, of preparation, it all boils down to exam taking strategy, that is, how you perform in those final 3 hours. Nervousness, over-confidence, panic, fear, etc., are all behavioural problems that can affect a student’s performance. And a single wrong answer can bring your rank down by thousands! Now with just a few days left for the NEET 2017, the goal should be to improve score within this limited time.

NEET cut off 2017 will give you an idea of what your current performance will get you when it comes to your rank, college and branch. This is an awesome way to get a proper direction of where you’re headed and how far you are from where you need to be!

Now many of you may ask – what is left to do in just a few days that will change or impact your preparation for the better? You have spent months, years even, to get to your current point of preparation and there is nothing more that you can do. Well, you’re wrong! You can still do some things that will tweak your preparation a tiny bit but will make a huge difference to your performance!

Focus on important topics

The trick to narrow down the scope of studying is to identify the important chapters and concepts. The hard work of studying everything in the syllabus will only get you so little with so much effort but with smart preparations, you can save time and effort and score higher! After identifying the important topics, start with the ones that you’re good at. This will speed up your preparation and also boost your confidence levels.

Practice previous years’ papers

Get hold of NEET previous years’ papers with answer keys, solutions, and analysis to take your NEET preparation to the next level. They will give you an insight into the exam pattern, important concepts, etc.

Mock tests

No exam preparation is complete without giving at least 2 mock tests. Take NEET online mock test to improve your test-taking skills well in time for your exam!

Take these preparation tips for NEET to heart and you’ll be sure to do well!

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