Mike Francesa’s next gig: Podcasts?

As the countdown to the WFAN talk show host’s final show on the station–slated for Dec. 2017–continues, many wonder what Francesa will do next.

While rumors of a reunion with former co-host Chris Russo are always on the minds of Mike and the Mad Dog fanatics, a reunion in the traditional sense likely doesn’t make sense for any party or radio station.

For Francesa, the next frontier could be something many of his listeners never would have expected: Podcasting.

In a sitdown interview with Bryan Curtis of The Ringer, Francesa talked about podcasting, his experience (or lack thereof) listening to podcasts, what’s wrong with how the industry distributes them now and hinted at what he could do starting in 2018.

“Problem is, they’re handing out podcasts like they’re Pez, OK?” Francesa said.

“Right now, my producers have a podcast. No offense, but they have a podcast.

“If you showed up here as an intern, they’d give you a podcast. … They give everybody a podcast. How can that work? Can you give everybody a show? If you can’t give everybody a show, how can you give everybody a podcast?!”

“Right now, nothing,” Francesa said. “It’s a folly. They’re doing it so wrong.”

What are they doing wrong?


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