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No one wants to fail. However, failure is a reality for all of us. Once we realize this, we must decide how to use failure to grow more wisdom and future success. Acceptance is the first piece to the puzzle. After we accept the inevitability of failure we must then learn to embrace it as a tool for learning.

Unfortunately, we can’t win at everything. Failure can’t be avoided. However, we can learn to study the details and subtle nuances that were a part of our failure. If we can learn to look at our failures without flinching, we have an opportunity to study the failure as a tool for future success. Don’t be afraid to stare failure in the face and undress it. Take it apart. Look at all the pieces of your failure. There are clues, both subtle and obvious, in the parts and pieces that comprise your failure.

Seeing What’s There
Once you’ve taken the time to look at the details of your failure, obvious truths will become illuminated. For example, the car that got repossessed will serve as a reminder that it’s not a good idea to buy a car that you can’t afford. Once we are calm enough to see and admit the truths surrounding our failures, we can grow from them. This truth will help the business man that wants to invest money in wood utility poles suppliers but can’t afford it.

Growing in Wisdom & Grace
Mistakes can embarrass us. We may want to isolate ourselves from the world as a result. It’s ok to take a little time to regroup and find our way again. However, it’s imminent that we get back in the game after that period. Failure is not a scarlet letter. It’s an opportunity for growth and wisdom and should be treated as such. Although none of us wants to fail, treat your failures as opportunities to learn and grow. You will be a better person as a result.

Failure is something that most of us try to avoid. However, to live is to fail. The best way to manage failure is to learn as much as possible from it. It will prevent similar mistakes from taking place.

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