It’s one of Australia’s most exclusive clubs but anyone has the potential to join.

You just need to start up a business and get it to over $US1 million in turnover.

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Organisation, a networking and support group for business owners which operates across Australia and has over 12,000 members worldwide.

Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar is a former member along with Pet Circle founder Mike Frizell and Kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson.

Despite its size and prominent membership, EO mainly flies under the radar, but its members are almost evangelical about the power of the group.

‘Like a cult’

“It’s kind of like a rabbit hole or its own vortex, it is like a cult in a weird way,” admits EO member Janine Zappini. “There is an unspoken rule of you are a family”.

Zappini is the co-founder of food business Simply Raw which turns over more than $1 million a year.


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