Even though the summer is quickly coming to an end, you can still enjoy fun vacations throughout the year. After all, there are times when you need a break from the stress of everyday life. When you experience amazing moments during a vacation, it’s nice to be able to capture them. While it’s great and convenient to capture memories on your phone by taking lots of selfies, consider these three ways you can capture the memories as well.

1. Vlogging
If you’ve ever enjoyed lots of content on YouTube, you understand how much fun vlogging can be. A vlog is a video blog. You can use your camera to capture lots of videos. A video can give a different dimension that a photo can’t give. You can also record a brief video at the end of each night. In the video, talk about what you experienced throughout the day and share a few of the highlights or new lessons learned. These nuggets are treasures you can keep with you forever.

2. Resort Photography
If you’re visiting a resort or going to a special dinner, oftentimes, there is a resort photographer available to take pictures. If they have fun backdrops, props and other accessories, use them to take fun photos in your formal wear. Most likely, they’ll have professional packages you can purchase and frame for your home.

3. Polaroid Pictures
Polaroid pictures are nostalgic and great to add to a photo album. Though most people don’t hold on to the hard copies of photos anymore, you can. Take Polaroid pictures at different places. Once you’ve printed the photo, label it with the date, time and place. When the trip is over, you can purchase a photo album and stick all of the Polaroid pictures inside of it. Create photo albums and preserve all of your fun vacation moments in this way.

While it’s easy and convenient to take a few photos with your smartphone, it’s fun to switch things up from time to time. Get a little creative and try other options. However, don’t get caught up in capturing the moment that you miss the moment. Be present and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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