Helpshift increases $23 million in collection B investment

Helpshift has raised $23 million in Series B funding from Microsoft Ventures and others. Photo: Mint

Helpshift has raised $23 million in collection B investment from Microsoft Ventures and others. image: Mint
Bengaluru: Helpshift Inc., a begin-up that makes customer service software program for mobile apps, on Tuesday said it has raised $23 million in series B investment from Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and existing buyers Intel Capital, Nexus task partners, genuine Ventures and Visionnaire Ventures.

The firm had in advance raised $13 million from Intel Capital, Nexus undertaking partners, genuineVentures and Visionnaire Ventures. Helpshift turned into started out in 2012 in Pune, and is now situated in California, u.s.a..

normally, customer support entails users e-mailing corporations approximately their queries orsearching up FAQ pages on websites. With Helpshift all that is provided within cell apps, wherein the majority are spending their time, in order that users looking for facts can fast discover it, and makestalking to a customer support professional less complicated as nicely.

“This 12 months, we want to help clients receive guide even before they reach out to marketers. we’ve got information on their usage styles that helps us become aware of whilst a consumer would possibly need assist in order that corporations can be proactive,” said Abinash Tripathy, chiefgovernment officer, Helpshift.

Helpshift, which operates on a software-as-a-provider version, also enables groups to pick out theirmaximum heavy users, people who significantly spend on their apps, and target them with bettersupport and offers.

The employer says its software program is currently established on 1.3 billion gadgets and works withclients which include VirginMedia, Microsoft, WesternUnion, Flipboard, Shyp, Luxe and WordPress. A largepart of its customers list are gaming corporations—with hundreds of users. They encompass Supercell, the makers of clash of Clans, and Zynga.

“The truth that companies like Microsoft use our software program, which contains Helpshift brandingregardless of what, is vindication of the sturdy product we have. We continue to pay attention onwinning massive enterprise customers, we’re no longer targeted on the long-tail customers,” statedTripathy.

best approximately 7% of Helpshift’s business comes from India, with the us and Europe accounting for a bulk of the relaxation. Helpshift has its whole engineering crew of approximately 60 engineers based in Pune, whilst 33 marketing and sales specialists training session of the usa and united kingdom.

It competes with businesses including Freshdesk in India, and and Zendesk globally. but, a majority of the clients for Freshdesk, which has raised about $95 million from mission capital firms Accelcompanions, Google Capital and Tiger international management LLC, are small and mediumbusinesses.

“Helpshift has been a notable partner for Microsoft and our funding these days represents our self belief in their messaging-primarily based method to customer support, as we hold a shared price of presentingthe seamless experience clients need,” said Nagraj Kashyap, corporate vp, Microsoft Ventures, in aannouncement.

Kashyap announced in a 30 may additionally blog post that Microsoft was launching a assignment arm for early degree investments in beginusacentered on cloud-computing technology and transitioning to the cloud.

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