Get The Right EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Package That Suits Your Needs

Data recovery software are becoming incredibly popular in the recent time. People often lose data due to unforeseen circumstances, and this is where this software come into play. The software are meant to recover data from situations like hardware failure, OS crash, virus attack, corrupted files etc. Due to this functionality, a number of data recovery software can be found online. Some of these may be free, or may be paid.

EaseUS is one such company, which offers their own data recovery software in different packages. EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the most popular data recovery software found online. The software can be downloaded for free, however, if one needs more technical support, and advanced upgrades, as well as more features, they can opt for the licensed premium version.

Premium & Free Packages

The premium version is well divided into three parts, available for all sorts of usage. You can either buy EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, Pro+WE, or Technician version. Each come with their own benefits over others, and can be used for both personal and commercial usage. All of these come with lifetime support at an affordable rate. Casual users can always download the free version and utilize the basic features of the software, while people who wish to purchase it can download the free version to get a feel of the software.

The software is made to be as effective as possible. The moment the software starts, it asks for the type of file the user wish to search for. Without losing any time, the user is asked to begin searching for the file. The next step is to choose the location, where the file was previously located. By selecting a specific file type, and specific location, the software cuts down the search time, and filters the files it needs to go from.



Aside from this, the software makes use of an interactive interface, in which, everything is represented graphically. In the windows version of the software, the interface is solidly built to make the interface feel like it was specifically created by Microsoft. It closely resembles the operating system’s bars, and menu, making it even more comfortable to use.

Additionally, the software offers two type of scan modes to the users, which quick scan mode and deep scan mode. Initially, when a scan is ran, quick scan is initiated, and the software quickly goes through all the directories, and picks out the most recently deleted files from the recycle bin and such. If the files are not found immediately in this type of search, or the files, which were recovered cannot be opened, people can opt for the deep scan mode. The deep scan mode takes much more time, as it carefully scans through the directories. Once deep scan ends, you will most likely have already found your file listed down there with the results.

After this, restoring the file is only a click away. EaseUS data recovery software is one of the most reliable software one can find on the internet today, with its readily available functions and easy to use UI. Being available in 4 versions, people can easily choose one that suits your needs.

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