Vacations are wonderful experiences that you and your family will remember for years to come. They can be relaxing, full of adventure, or simply quiet time spent together, but there are ways in which you can get more out of your next family vacation. Instead of coming home to that initial let down of returning to work and school, you could be benefitting from your trip for a long time yet to come. This is achieved by turning your trip into an educational experience.

Learn a New Skill

This can be a variety of vacations. One approach is to study a new sport. Learn the rules, get training and licensing, and gather supplies before heading on your trip. For example, you could learn to hunt by taking local classes and then go on guided hunting trips at places like Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge in South Carolina. Another option is to incorporate cooking seminars, hands on craft classes, or water sport lessons into your itinerary.

Discover Your History

Living history museums are found throughout the country. They are usually a collection of older homes and businesses with costumed interpreters telling you about the area, the time period they are depicting, and what everyday life was like for the people living there. Colonial Williamsburg is an excellent example of this. You can go further back by visiting natural history and science museums that cover how the world formed, the progress of mankind, and how we arrived at our present day circumstances.

Help Others

One of the most gratifying vacations you’ll ever have is one where you volunteer to help others. These programs range from one week excursions to 50 week long adventures. You’ll use skills in teaching, conservation, and childcare to provide a meaningful impact on disadvantaged communities. Best of all, you’ll be able to see and explore beautiful regions you may never have visited otherwise.

Educational trips do not have to be boring. Any one of these suggestions will be a family vacation filled with fun as you make memories together. The only difference is that you’ll come home with a new skill, a better understanding of the world, or the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.

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