Elon Musk on life, success and everything in between

Image result for Elon Musk on life, success and everything in betweenBy popular notion, to be a successful entrepreneur you need to possess a creative drive, good management skills and more ambition than you can handle. While legendary game-changers like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg certainly accrue to these principles, they fall in line with the ‘drop out of college to build a business’ narrative. Elon Musk’s story, on the other hand, is as exciting and real, as it is unique.

His designation(s) of Founder, CEO and co-founder for companies like ‘SpaceX’, ‘Tesla’ and ‘Neuralink’ has (arguably) deemed him the title of being the world’s most important entrepreneur. While Gates and Zuckerberg have also extended their focus onto fields and projects outside of software and code, Musk is the pioneer of the ‘dip your toe each in a series of different waters’ concept.

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