Election podcast: the Indi mission

The warfare for the Victorian seat of Indi is shaping up as a threemanner contest. independent Cathy McGowan is making an attempt to fend off the former member Sophie Mirabella and the Nationals’ Marty Corboy.

McGowan tells Michelle Grattan the election will come down to preferences.

“I’m hoping that the national party humans will take into account giving me their 2d choice and that i’m hoping that Liberal party human beingswithout a doubt those in Wodonga – don’t see their answerinside the countrywide birthday celebration and they may take into account giving me theirpossibilities,” she says.

on this unique election podcast, Michelle Grattan interviews McGowan, Corboy, in addition to thevegetables‘ candidate Jenny O’Connor and hard work’s Eric Kerr. Sophie Mirabella become unwilling to be interviewed.

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