Having a destination wedding can make your special day even more special and memorable for everyone involved. However, planning a wedding in an exotic or unfamiliar location, working out the logistics of the ceremony and reception, and getting all of your guests to the location on time can be a hassle. Fortunately, you can learn from the experience of hundreds of brides and grooms that have come before you. Make the most of your destination wedding by picking a location that will work best for you and for your friends and family.

First, look for a location that won’t be impossible for your guests to reach. Of course, you want to have your wedding in a beautiful place that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, you can pick a gorgeous beach, but if it’s only accessible after a ten-hour flight on a private airplane or a special ferry service to a remote island, good luck getting your guests to show up. Instead, look for a location that’s away from your home without being on the other side of the world. For example, if you live in California, consider Napa wedding venues like Hidden Brooke Golf. A trip should take a maximum of six hours for your average guest and shouldn’t rely on any single method of transportation.

Next, make sure that your guests and wedding party will have plenty of opportunities for fun outside of your wedding. In most cases, people are giving up their vacation time to attend your wedding, so work on giving them a vacation they’ll love. A destination wedding at a beach is a great opportunity for friends and family who like to swim and snorkel, for example. Set up some excursions for your guests in advance, and provide them with detailed information about setting up their own excursions once they’re at the destination. Leave plenty of time in your schedule to allow your guests to have free time and opportunities to explore.

Finally, set up important logistics well in advance of arriving at your destination. Call hotels well in advance to book a block of rooms for your guests. Provide transportation for them, or get in touch with a variety of car services and let your guests know about their options. Get everything ready early, then relax and have a great wedding!

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