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    Confidence Will Make All the Difference to Your Hustle

    Confidence is a trait that can make all the difference to your daily hustle. You go to bed, wake up, and then have to overcome obstacle after obstacle. It’s like being in an asteroid shower, and all you have is an umbrella to shield you. Confidence is how successful people overcome the daily obstacles. It’s that […]

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    Four ad agency podcasts to check out this weekend

    Ad agencies have caught podcast fever. Here are four that caught our attention. ‘Madison and Culture’ Y&R’s new biweekly podcast, launched this week and hosted by its global CEO David Sable, delves into how culture and technology shape advertising and marketing, and vice versa. The podcast was born out of Sable’s widely read LinkedIn blog, […]

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    The Science Behind Success And Motivation

    When Stanford GSB professor Jeffrey Pfeffer studied successful executives and analyzed the qualities they all had in common, the #1 thing was not smarts, talent, or people skills. It was energy levels. If you’re tired and unmotivated, it almost doesn’t matter what other strengths you have. People who do nothing tend to achieve nothing. So […]

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    What works and what doesn’t for start-ups

    K Murali Kumar(from right) Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra and Jabong; Mahesh Murthy, Co-founder, Seedfund; Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome; and K Ganesh, Co-Founder and Chairman, Portea Medical ‘Start-up ecosystem has allowed people to take risks’ BENGALURU, FEBRUARY 12:   Most successful start-ups were launched during recession and hence the current phase is perhaps the best for entrepreneurs […]

    Take Some Scenic Roads Off Main to Rejuvenate

    How do you stay fresh, motivated and inspired? This is a popular discussion that comes up in my conversations with small business owners. Those that have been around and have navigated changing times know the value of the “long game” and balancing work and time off. Finding new ideas, people, goals and projects to rejuvenate […]

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    SCORE and Sam’s Club Announce 2016 American Small Business Championship $25K Grand Prize Winner

    SCORE, a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship and education to small business owners, andSam’s Club, the nationwide wholesaler club which also serves many small businesses, recently announcedthe winners, or Champions, as they call them, of the 2016 American Small Business Championship. The Small Biz Championship program, a national competition open to small businesses around the country, […]