Grain Audio OEHP.01 Review

    Based in small-town Pennsylvania, USA, Grain Audio is a personal audio manufacturer that makes liberal use of wood in its products. The company has just four offerings listed on its site, and ships directly to buyers. Of the two pairs of headphones listed, the OEHP.01 is the larger, over-the-ear model. Featuring solid wood casings, the […]

    Sony MDR XB950BT Review

    If you’re an audiophile who wants the purest and clearest reproduction of the source being played, then it’s likely that you’re not interested in Sony’s XB (extra bass) headphones. We tried out the Sony MDR XB950BT – the top of the XB line, which also supports Bluetooth playback. That’s a combination which has probably sent […]

    Brainwavz Jive Review

    Brainwavz is a relatively new company, established in 2008 with the aim of bringing good personal audio products to users at affordable prices. True to its motto, the company produces a wide range of affordable products, including the Brainwavz S0 and Blu-100, which we found impressive. The company now has more of a presence in […]

    Audio Technica ATH-WS770iS Review

    When it comes to good personal audio, few brands have the same reputation and stature as Japanese manufacturer Audio Technica. The company’s microphones and headphones are widely used the world over by professionals and audiophiles. Furthermore, major events and showcases, including the Grammy Awards and the Olympic Games, have relied on Audio Technica for audio […]

    Jaybird X2 Review

    Demand for wireless headphones is growing, and music-focused stereo Bluetooth headsets are all the rage right now. Thanks to a vast improvement in the quality of Bluetooth audio transmission over the years, it’s now possible to effortlessly stream high-quality sound without any of the typical issues that plagued the early years of wireless audio. Jaybird, […]

    Philips SHE1360/97 Review

    Headphones can get really expensive, depending on which brand you’re buying and what kind of performance you’re looking for. You could end up spending upwards of one lakh rupees on a pair such as the Audeze LCD-3, or if you’re really serious about personal audio, there’s the $55,000 Sennheiser Orpheus. But if your needs are […]

    JBL T250SI Review

    JBL is an established name in India when it comes to car audio, professional and live event sound systems, as well as home audio setups. It’s also successfully leveraged this image to build its name inmultimedia and personal audio products, and products such as the JBL Synchros E40BT and JBL Gohave fared well in our […]

    Warts and all podcasts for entrepreneurs

    Emma Clark and Tess McCabe record a podcast called ‘The New Normal’ about parents running creative businesses. Emma Clark and Tess McCabe record a podcast called ‘The New Normal’ about parents running creative businesses. Photo: Pat Scala Once a fortnight Tess McCabe and Emma Clark sit at Clark’s kitchen table and record a podcast about […]

    5 Amazing Podcasts Every Woman Should Be Listening To

    Just like newsletters, podcasts are having a moment. Actually, they’ve been having this moment for a long, long time. But thanks to the likes of addictive podcast craze Serial, even those of us who could never have imagined swapping streaming Beyonce’s latest album on the tube, are considering popping on headphones to listen to people […]

    Apple launches ‘Podcasts Connect’ Web portal for managing digital content

    Apple on Tuesday made it easier for podcaster to validate, publish and manage their content online with the launch of a new iTunes Connect-based Web service called Podcasts Connect. From podcast submission to RSS feed editing, the Podcasts Connect portal keeps a bevy of content management tools — presented in an easy-to-use dashboard style layout […]