Podcasts: 10 of the best to help you learn, laugh and pray

    Pixabay Podcasts have been around for about 10 years. In the aftermath of the hugely popular ‘Serial’ in the last two years, they’ve become one of the most talked-about forms of media. From large professional broadcasters to smaller productions, the sheer range of things out there mean we have the world at our fingertips. Some […]

    Why NPR Changed How It Talks About Podcasts

    NPR Tensions between the needs of terrestrial radio, the foundational base of NPR, and digital distribution, its future in some form or other, may not always be apparent to most NPR listeners and readers. But they are never far from the surface these days in the public radio system and do occasionally rise to public […]

    This Week’s Best Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

    Wear headphones in the office without getting scowls, hear about the northernmost land action in the civil war and learn how to sound smart when speaking in public in this, the inaugural edition of Lifehacker’s Thinking Cap. Title gif by Nick Criscuolo. Welcome to Lifehacker’s Thinking Cap, a new series where we round up interesting, […]

  • 6 amazing podcasts for military history fans

    By Chris Smith Last updated: 02 April 2016, 14:14 BST Print this story More and more Brits are tuning into podcasts. These web-based audio shows are similar to radio broadcasts, but available to download free and enjoy at your own convenience. Through podcasts you can access an ever-growing range of specialist content, whether your area […]

    Where Are All the Kidcasts?

    “The guilt of a parent who puts the television on to pacify their children is one of the most powerful emotional forces in existence,” lamented Gimlet’s Matt Lieberin a recent panel on podcasting. An audience member had just asked if the industry was planning on “growing the audience younger”—did the panelists (all audio specialists) think […]

    Local firms catch podcasting bug

    Doug Karr of DK New Media, left, chatting here with Tom Brodbeck of Site Strategics, built out a $25,000 soundproof studio late last year. (IBJ photo/Eric Learned) Josh Miles, a 39-year-old executive at local branding firm MilesHerndon, has been an avid podcast listener for years. In late February, he became a podcast producer. His show, […]

  • They’re all talk, but it seems everyone loves a podcast

    Baseball guru Billy Beane listens to Football Weekly and he was portrayed in a movie by Brad Pitt, which almost certainly means Angelina Jolie listens to Football Weekly. Illustration: Cameron Law Something fairly remarkable happened in Dublin last Tuesday. On a chilly March school night, just shy of one thousand people converged on Vicar Street […]

    The Value of Using Podcasts in Class

    Two years ago, I was practically begging a student to read a novel in my high-school English class. This isn’t an unusual problem. The girl, who’s a relatively bright, college-bound athlete, told me that she “just gets too distracted after five minutes” of reading. When she promised that she would listen to the audiobook of […]

    Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

    When it comes to name recognition and market reach, few audio manufacturers can match the Sony’s capabilities. Using a brand name that has been carefully built up over the decades, Sony is one of a handful of companies in India that can sell headphones by the thousand. This is thanks to a huge portfolio spanning […]

    Grain Audio OEHP.01 Review

    Based in small-town Pennsylvania, USA, Grain Audio is a personal audio manufacturer that makes liberal use of wood in its products. The company has just four offerings listed on its site, and ships directly to buyers. Of the two pairs of headphones listed, the OEHP.01 is the larger, over-the-ear model. Featuring solid wood casings, the […]