can not Qualify for Olympics consuming Chana and Khajoor: Pakistan Hockey Skipper

Mohammad Imran Pakistan Hockey

Karachi: The captain of the Pakistan hockey crew Mohammad Imran on Tuesday lashed out at theauthorities for ignoring the national recreation and said nobody have to anticipate large performances from gamers on a diet of “chana daal and khajoor”.(Rift in Pakistan group?)
speakme to the media in Lahore after the national team lower back from Brussels, Imran minced nophrases in stating that the players now had no motivation to do nicely.(Pakistan educate Blames lack ofInfrastructure)
“Hum Rooh Afza aur Khajooro par, naan channay khaa kar global champions nahi ban saktay,” Imran said aclear reference to the troubles confronted via gamers due to the fact that previous few years because of the financial crisis in the Pakistan Hockey Federation.
“Why failed to the prime Minister or authorities take note of our problems or the state of hockey affairsafter they ought to have,” he stated.
The Pakistan crew lower back home on Tuesday from Brussels in a low key style with head train andmanager, Shahnaz Sheikh also giving a number of reasons for the group’s failure to qualify for thesummer season Olympics and end 8 in the 10 team international Hockey League.
“The reaction of everybody to this dismal performance is comprehensible and i’m no longer supplyingany excuses however the fact is we’ve faced economic constraints, lack of centers and intenseopposition and we failed to qualify for the Olympics,” he said.
Pakistan’s hockey group failed to qualify for the summer Olympics for the primary time in its records andprime Minister Nawaz Sharif had already ordered an inquiry into the debacle and additionally a special audit into the PHF accounts.
Imran stated he might gladly appear earlier than the inquiry committee shaped through the authorities on Thursday morning in Islamabad with Shahnaz Sheikh.
“We want someone to pay attention to the issues confronted by way of the players. we’ve lost somesuperb gamers in recent times due to the fact there is no monetary motivation for them in hockey. theseplayers had been forced to head and play in overseas leagues to earn accurate money,” he stated.
The inquiry committee will hold its first meeting on Thursday. Imran mentioned that on the grounds thatlast yr the players have been pleading with government to concentrate to them and their troubleshowever they had been ignored.
we’re as hurt and disappointed at what happened in Brussels however if hockey is to survive in Pakistan than gamers need to be capable of make a profession in hockey and play with a peace of thoughts andnot fear approximately every day allowances, settlement payments or meals,” he said.

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