What Are the Business Leaders of Today Missing?

In spite of all the coaching and the inspirational resources out there, many of today’s leaders still fail to be motivating and to meet the expectations of their employees. It feels like they are constantly missing something. What could that be, you may ask? We will take you below through some of the most important yet elusive qualities a true leader should possess:

  1. Painting the goal in attractive colours

All leaders have a goal and their subordinates know that. The problem is that they tend to keep this goal a secret. They just let the workers do their job, while keeping the end goal in the shadow. A lack of a clear understanding of it can be disastruous, however. It demotivates the employees and prevents them from giving their best. On the other hand, if leaders communicate what they’re expecting or hoping to get from the final product or project, they supply the team with a proper image for the future and with motivation.

  1. The ability to reward employees

Giving rewards and recognition to employees would help leaders connect to their subordinates better and have a more fruitful professional relationship. This is usually done through monthly charts, incentives, bonuses etc. and can be facilitated with the use of a virtual employee recognition platform. This is a tool to be used for social recognition within a company, a tool which keeps the team engaged and cohesive.

  1. The emotional factor

Emotions are too often chased away from our work environment, rendering it sterile. Humans, however, cannot properly function unless there are certain emotions to drive their actions. Leaders want employees to be like robots but this is leading to a quick burnout. It’s important to inspire emotions and let these act as a fuel or motivator. Otherwise, the office becomes an inhuman torture. Leaders fear that emotions can be distracting and counter-productive but that isn’t always true. It definitely depends on the emotion. When workers are not being required to turn into senseless robots, they accomplish tasks more effectively and feel more valued as humans.

  1. Understanding negativity

This ability is a vital one and can be the key to success. It is closely related to transparency. By this we mean that a successful leader should be able to show a real persona instead of a mask – someone who is sad when things don’t go well, who is afraid when the competition gets stronger and so on. This isn’t weakness, it’s recognising a situation as it is. If, on the contrary, the boss shows a happy face in a negative situation, they may fail to make their team understand that there is a crisis which requires all their attention. On the other hand, when they have realistic and transparent reactions, they’re helping employees figure out where the company is standing and when they should act on a given matter.

  1. Uniqueness shining through

Too many leaders out there think they should fit a certain standard and erase their own personality, when in fact it’s their uniqueness that can make them shine. People are attracted to it and it’s usually what has distinguished the world’s best leaders, who were unafraid to be themselves instead of some cold dictator-like figures.

To succeed in business, authentic leaders are a must. To be one such leader, one needs to let go of the preconceptions and open up to the experience, as well as to the people they work with.

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