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A side-by-side, or SxS, is a four-wheel drive vehicle designed for off-road use. SxS vehicles are also called Utility Task vehicles (UTVs) or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs). UTVs frequently offer side-by-side seating design. Most offer seat belts for safety and a cargo box positioned at the rear end of the vehicle. UTVs can carry up to 1,350 pounds over the operator or passenger weight.

If you enjoy driving a SxS vehicle and want to make it street-legal according to state and local laws or you’d like to improve the safety of your side-by-side, keep your search for side by side parts simple with a top quality kit.

Side by Side Kits

Perhaps your SxS vehicle needs a turn signal kit or a horn. There are many kit install products available. How do you know the best kit for your side by side vehicle?

Regardless of your experience, an easy-to-install kit with good reviews can help you achieve a professional look and years of performance. Headquartered in Arizona, XTC Power Products is recognized for its high-quality UTV products, such as the turn signal system plus horn. Select a specific kit designed for the SxS Honda Pioneer, Polaris RZR, or Can-Am Maverick X3 models.

Nothing is left to chance with an XTC kit product. It arrives with all the hardware necessary for a professional install and instructions needed to complete the task. Turn signal systems from XTC come with a control box, LED lights, hazard switch, left-right turn- actuator, self-tapping screws, cable ties, and horn-horn button. The kit also comes with a front signal harness with two 60-degree three amber turn indicator lights. This plug-and-play harness works with your vehicle’s original factory tail light system.

Where to Find Top Quality Parts for a Side-by-Side Vehicle

Local retailers might not carry the parts you need to upgrade a side-by-side vehicle or you might pay too much for these parts at the retail level. Compare prices and get everything you need to improve the safety or your SxS or make it street-legal for less.

Find SxS installation kits from an online retailer that specializes in off-road and side-by-side vehicles. is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by its ranking in the Inc. 500 survey.

In 2016, the company was ranked #515 out of 5000 high-growth companies. The company is also ranked as one of the fastest growing businesses in Missouri, sporting a 742 percent three-year growth rate.

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