A Million Idlis a Day

    While growing up in an illiterate farmer’s family in a remote part of Wayanad, Kerala, P.C. Mustafa did not have a lot of expectations. “I grew up in a remote village. There was lack of basic facilities. I was poor in studies and failed in Class VI.” This was just the shock he needed. As […]

    Government to exempt start-ups from complex registration procedures

    The government plans to exempt start-ups from various rules and regulations till they achieve a particular turnover in order to give a fillip to the sunrise sector. “Lots of start-ups are coming up in the country and there is a need to provide a conducive environment for their growth,” Secretary in the Department of Industrial […]

    How You Can Motivate Yourself With an Imaginary Scapegoat

    People thrive when they’re working against some kind of force—even if that force isn’t real. If you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself, try giving yourself an imaginary scapegoat. As Nir Eyal at Harvard Business Review explains, “scapegoating” is the practice of imagining there’s some kind of villain that’s conspiring against you. For example, […]

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    From the streets ofthe Far East

    Delectable Saigon Pho, creamy rendang curry, tender coconut ice cream… Va Pho has a slew of Oriental tricks up its sleeve A white bowl is plonked down in front of me. I peer curiously into it — chunks of beef nestled in a bed of rice noodles greet me. Warm, translucent broth is then poured […]

    To Be Successful, You Must Pursue Learning Relentlessly

    Ergoseal is an industry-leading mechanical seal provider to OEMs in the pump, compressor and blower production industries. With a focus on specialty designs for a variety of industrial applications, it continues to successfully blend the beneficial attributes of mechanical face and non-contacting seal types for our customers. CEO and President Tom Hilaris knows that in order to be […]

    9 Ways Anxiety Can Be Your Greatest Source of Power

    It seems every time we turn around someone is talking about how they “have” anxiety, as if all anxiety is a disorder. Well, it is not. There is a generalized anxiety we should all have. After all, we are floating around on a ball in the middle of space. How can that not be anxiety provoking? […]

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    The gem on Melbourne’s outskirts that’s getting new life

    For a township of 2000 people, Gembrook in Melbourne’s outer south-east packs a punch, largely thanks to Puffing Billy which terminates on its main street. Every year, 400,000 visitors step off the century-old steam train and into the historic town, where many of the buildings have been restored and converted into modern businesses. An old […]