N. Korea declares latest ballistic missile launch a success

    Pyongyang said it has successfully tested the Pukguksong-2 intermediate range ballistic missile, after it was detected landing off Japan’s east coast, causing no damage. The nuclear-capable missile was launched just one week after the previous test by North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally supervised the test of the new missile, which the KCNA […]

    Healthmir – A Made in India Health Engagement Platform

    HealthMir as a company aims at developing a health engagement platform that places health content, knowledge and experience sharing at the centre of their engagement engine to enable holistic health condition management, through better Decision Support Ecosystem, for getting Healthcare Services and solutions. You may not only interact with healthcare service providers on the platform […]

  • What are the pillars of learning? These quotes will define you

    Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.-Pele Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning. -Benjamin Disraeli If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting […]

    Top 10 startups of 2017 you won’t want to miss

    Hipster darts, personalised dog food and the world’s most comfortable mattress are among the UK’s top 100 startups of 2017, according to independent advice site startups.co.uk. Combine the three and you have yourself the perfect night out. Startups 100 has been running since 2008 and claims to be the longest-running ranked index that details the […]

    A spoonful of motivation helps the medicine go down

    We have all done it. We are prescribed a medication to help us, but we don’t take it as directed, or at all. Sometimes we don’t even fill the prescription. Why? Things get in the way of getting to the pharmacy. One last phone call at work or one more math problem with your child. […]

  • LIFE
    Life and work in progress

    Chennai’s transgender community is diligently working its way up amid old struggles and new opportunities In a colourful room, in a quiet neighbourhood, Chennai-born Malaika Desingh brushes her hair with a pace that’s hard to follow. She puts on some red lipstick before adorning her ponytail with a rainbow-coloured hairpin. Gone are the days when […]

    Women Entrepreneurs: Yes, You Are Underserved

    CREDIT: Getty Images ICYMI: Harvard Business Review (HBR) kicked the gender-bias in venture capital hornet’s nest in its recently published article “We Recorded VCs’ Conversations And Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs.” Between 2009-2010, researchers were given access to125 government venture capital decision-making meetings in Sweden and observed a whole lot of gendered […]

    Lions’ Teez Tabor uses speed criticism as motivation

    Who knew the 40-yard dash could even impact football players after the draft? After setting an NFL Scouting Combine record with a 4.22-second dash, John Ross challenged the fastest alive, Usain Bolt, to a race. On the opposite end, though, Lions cornerback Teez Tabor continues to face a negative stigma after clocking a time of […]

    Kim Cowart: Some of my favorite podcasts to run to

    While the days get longer, so do my runs. To keep myself entertained during my solo adventures, I skip the music and plug in podcasts. There are the popular favorites like “Missing Richard Simmons” or “S-Town.” There is an abundance of fitness podcasts, but there are a wealth of podcasts on every topic waiting for […]