Going global: Indian startups woo NRIs, PIOs

      Even as the IT sector struggles with multiple crises and fly-by-night startups shed flab to consolidate, some successful Indian startups are now going global to woo foreigners, including NRIs and PIOs, towards opportunities in the country. Incepted in 2016, Bangalore-based PropUrban, targeting potential clients in East Asia, is all set to expand base there. […]

    5 Inspiring Bob Dylan Quotes From His Nobel Prize Speech

    Folks, it finally happened. Mister Bob Dylan — A.K.A. the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate — has recorded his acceptance speech for the Swedish Academy, and you can listen to it right now! I’ve pulled the five best quotes from Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize lecture for you below, but it’s well worth listening to […]

  • Being an absolute boss: podcasts of the week

    It’s podday (what do you think of podday? I’ve just made it up and am trying to go with it), the day where all your podcasting dreams come true. It is also my birthday week, hooray! In the Slaney household, a birthday week means anyone who has a birthday coming up can be Veruca Salt […]

    How Elon Musk Maintains his Intense Motivation

    The failures of Elon Musk has contributed to the power of his drive as much as his successes. While many have heard of the companies he runs, we rarely hear about the way he ensures constant innovation. Whether it’s in philosophy, physics, or mathematics, his method is one that depends heavily on a cycle of […]

    10 African Online Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017

    In almost any discussion of business leaders, a lack of diversity prevails. Ask someone to list 10 wildly successful entrepreneurs, and no doubt that person can do that — and quickly. But, how many on that list will be women? How many will be people of color? How many, disabled? How many from emerging nations? And, specifically, […]

  • Webmonkey Podcast: Apple News in an Era of Ad Blocking

    Another week, another sit-down with WIRED Executive Editor Joe Brown as we hash out the details surrounding Apple News and how it changes the world of online publishing. We’re also joined by WIRED’s director of audience development, Eric Steuer, to chat about the recent release of iOS 9, the first version of iOS to allow […]

    Eden Hazard rebuffs Real Madrid rumours in latest quotes

    Eden Hazard has rebuffed Real Madrid once again with his latest quotes showing an unprecedented clarity and commitment to staying at Chelsea. In quotes carried by the Metro, Hazard said: “I’m good here. I’m at one of the best clubs in the world and I think I’m going to stay for a couple of years. […]

  • Worry about the right stuff to avoid risks and for motivation

    Is it good or bad to worry — that’s the $2 million question for Perth researchers. A University of WA team has been awarded almost $2.3 million from an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship to tease out “good worry” versus “bad worry”. Professor Colin MacLeod, from the School of Psychological Science, is leading the five-year […]