7 Smart Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

    Working in a 9-to-5 job can be monotonous and boring, but one has to break free to stay directed and motivated towards their professional life’s goals. Nevertheless, it is really tough if your work is not challenging enough to motivate you. This is why it’s advisable to choose a career that excites you. Make your […]

    ‘Must change the way we treat  entrepreneurs’

    I am very shocked and devastated. He is a dear friend, always jovial, positive and always willing to help. He built a vertically integrated company. The chances of the letter doing the rounds (purportedly written by V.G. Siddhartha) being genuine, is quite high because the details that are there in the letter are difficult to […]

    What’s Behind Apple’s Podcast Strategy?

    Last week, Bloomberg dropped a fascinating scoop that Apple, the long-time impartial steward of the podcast ecosystem, is apparently planning to finance original podcasts that would be exclusive to its platforms, and that it has met with media companies to discuss possible deals toward this end. According to the report, the talks were preliminary and Apple has […]

    Meet a battalion of women entrepreneurs

    After digital literacy, not-for-profit entity FREND is encouraging financial autonomy When women are given opportunities to learn and innovate, they blossom and take charge of their own lives. There could be no better example than the story of Aasiya Gawandi from Agar village of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. The internet beckoned her to learn many skills, […]

    Marianne Williamson Loves Spreading Fake Quotes From Albert Einstein

    Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson is on the defensive. In her latest tweet she says that she’s “not a cult leader” and “not anti-science.” She even says that the idea she’s anti-science is laughable because she quotes Albert Einstein so much. The only problem? Many of the supposed Einstein quotes that Williamson […]

    From grit to glory, the journey of women entrepreneurs

    The first person to ever win two Nobel Prizes, Marie Curie, the Polish scientist who discovered radioactivity, is a pioneer when it comes to women in technology. In 2009, New Scientistnamed Curie as the most inspirational woman in science. And looking back at the challenges she faced, this is no doubt a fitting accolade. In the […]